Nagroda Labor mobilis


The idea behind the Labor Mobilis Honorary Award is to appreciate people, who have outstanding achievements and special contributions in the field of promotion and support of mobility of labour and services in the European internal market.

Candidates to the Award are nominated by Members of the Labour Mobility Initiative. The laureate is chosen by the Jury, which includes representatives from the world of politics, science, administration and business.

The Labor Mobilis statuette has so far been awarded four times. The laureates were: Danuta Jazłowiecka, Radosław Mleczko, László Andor, prof. Jozef Pacolet and Frederic De Wispelaere.



The Statuette Awarding Ceremony took place during the official Labor Mobilis Gala. The last edition was held on 20 November at ICE Kraków Congress Centre, as a part of the V European Labour Mobility Congress.

The ceremony always includes unique artistic performance. The last highlight was the concert of Bester Quartet with Jorgos Skolias. This phenomenal group is formed by four outstanding classically trained instrumentalists. Their style transcendends classical, avantgarde, or jazz music, combining elements of contemporary chamber music with playful improvisation.

of the Gala 2017

Programme 2017

19:30 Aperitif
20:30 Artistic Programme
22:00 Banquet
24:00 After Party

The Story

Awarding Ceremony of the Labor Mobilis Statuette is an accompanying event of the annual European Labour Mobility Congress in Kraków. ELMC is the largest event in Europe dedicated to the posting of workers in the framework of the freedom to provide services in the EU internal market. Guests of the Congress are owners and board members of service companies, lawyers, representatives of politics, public administration and European decision makers who have an influence on legislation and interpretation of the Polish and European law concerning the rules of posting of workers.

In 2016 Labor Mobilis award has not been granted.

Competition Jury

Danuta Jazłowiecka

Labor Mobilis Laureate 2013

Laureate of Labor Mobilis 2013. Since 2009 Member of the European Parliament (7th and 8th term) where she is a member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. Responsible, among others, for issues related to labour mobility, protection of workers employed abroad, support for job creation initiatives, and elimination of administrative burdens on businesses. As the rapporteur on the Enforcement Directive on the posting of workers, she directed the work of the European Parliament related with the application of the document . The author of the opinions on European Fund for Strategic Investment and on the investment for growth and jobs.

Radosław Mleczko

Labor Mobilis Laureate 2014

He studied art history, the saxophone, marketing and management, economy, and negotiations at, respectively, the University of Warsaw, the F. Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, the De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, and the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Laureate of many awards e.g. Ernest, Sybilla and Labor Mobilis 2014 which he received as deputy Dinister of Labour and Social Policy For a fierce defence of the freedom to provide services in the European Union and of hundreds of thousands of jobs in Poland. He also represented Poland in the preparations for and during the presidency in the EU, as well as in the works on the enforcement directive with respect to posting of workers. Owing to his intervention, László Andor issued the crucial statement on the replacement of posted workers. Manager, author of the analysis, diagnoses and social forecasts. More details at

László Andor

Labor Mobilis Laureate 2015

Laureate of Labor Mobilis 2015. Economist, Senior Fellow at Hertie School of Governance (Berlin) and visiting professor at ULB in Brussels. EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. During his term, Andor led the works on the implementation directive on posting workers. Previously, he served as Member of the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstrucion and Development.

prof. Gertruda Uścińska

Polish Social Security Institution (ZUS)

President of Polish Social Security Institution, head of Department of Social Security (Institute of Social Policy of the University of Warsaw), professor at the Department of Labour Law and Social Safety Net in the Institute of Labour and Social Studies, member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Committee on Labour Law and Social Policy). Expert in research programmes and scientific research institutes of EU Member States (University of Antwerp, Ghent University, Max Planck Institute) according to implementation of European programmes (e.g. Consensus, Special, LAW, trESS, FreSsco). Expert in national and international projects, author of multiple interesting publications about social policy, social security coordination, social insurance and European law.

Stefan Schwarz

President of Labour Mobility Initiative

President and co-founder of Labour Mobility Initiative, the European think-tank focusing on posting of workers and work mobility. Co-organiser of European Labour Mobility Conress. Vice President of Board of Polish HR Forum. Member of Labor Mobilis Competition Jury. The initiator of activities promoting successful fight against protectionist provisions of the proposal on the enforcement of Directive 2014/67/UE. Active member of public consultation. Expert of labour market. Popularizer of the idea of socially responsible business. Economist, graduate of Cracow University of Economics.

Marek Benio. Ph.D.

Secretary of the Jury

Lawyer, graduate of Jagiellonian University, Ph.D. in economics. Head of Organising Committee of V European Labour Mobility Congress. Honorary member of Polish Association of Social Insurance (PSUS). Adjunct Professor at the Department of Public Economics and Administration at Cracow University of Economics. Social insurance and labour law expert. Author of key legal opinions on Directive Implementation. He took part in many public consultations concerning this topic. Participated in many international research programmes. Author of many publications. Supervised to a successful conclusion over two hundred masters theses and other papers. One of the 10 best lecturers at Cracow University of Economics.


Laureates of the Labor Mobilis Award were announced during the Gala on 20th November 2017 in Kraków.


Prof. Jozef Pacolet and Frederic De Wispelaere

Research team from HIVA Institute for
Work and Society at KU Leuven

For perseverance and impartiality in research on posting of workers whose groundbreaking outcome will allow the facts to overcome misperceptions.


In 2016 Labor Mobilis award has not been granted.


László Andor

EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and
Inclusion in the second Barroso Commission

For preventing for the free movement of services in Europe being reduced to the single act of posting


Radosław Mleczko

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy
from 2008 to 2015

For a fierce defence of the freedom to provide services in the European Union and of hundreds of thousands of jobs in Poland


Danuta Jazłowiecka

Member of the European Parliment

For her steadfast commitment and struggle over the enforcement directive with the goal of maintaining a healthy balance between protection of workers’ rights and the freedom to provide services in the EU.


Event Venue
ICE Congress Centre
Marii Konopnickiej 17 st.
Kraków 30-302

Organizing Committee /

Agnieszka Porębska